Nanogen expands patent portfolio


US Patent granted for nanofabrication applications

US Patent No. 7, 060, 224 relates to nanofabrication and nanomanufacturing applications of Nanogen Inc.’s microarray technology employed in a product for molecular diagnostic applications. In particular, the patent relates to manipulation and positioning of nanoscale components to build structures.

Nanogen Chairman and CEO, Howard C. Birndorf, said:

“The ‘224 patent demonstrates the underlying strength and robustness of our basic electronic microarray technology and our commitment to continuing fundamental R&D to protect our strong IP position in the nascent and growing field of nanotechnology.”

Co-founder, Professor Michael J. Heller is reported to have said:

“It’s currently relatively easy to make various types of nanoparticles, but it’s hard to put different kinds of nanoparticles and other nanocomponents together.”

“And it’s even harder to combine nanoparticles with components of other size scales, like you would need to do in order to build an integrated sensor device, for example, that could circulate within the body, detecting disease and releasing medication as appropriate. The non-mechanical ‘pick and place’ allows for this type of integrated assembly.”

“Fabricating complex integrated devices right now usually requires that each component be built separately and then assembled. Interfaces that integrate function across the various components can be difficult to achieve.”

“Using the non-mechanical ‘pick and place’ technology described in the ‘224 patent facilitates integrated assembly of these complex structures.”

In addition to the manufacture of Nanogen electronic microarray technology, the technique of the granted patent can be applied to other areas of technology, particularly photovoltaic devices, fuel cells and batteries, but also other technologies: flat panel displays, wireless integrated devices, microcantilever sensor devices, atomic force microscope devices, integrated MEMS devices, integrated microscopic analytical and diagnostic devices, and compact, handheld medical diagnostic devices and systems.

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