Example geophysics-related (and other) cases
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A method of and apparatus for determining the quality of seismic dataN/Aacrobat_reader_50x50
Control devices for controlling the position of a marine seismic streamerN/Aacrobat_reader_50x50
Method of generating a fold distribution and of evaluating a seismic surveyN/Aacrobat_reader_50x50
Method of and apparatus for marine seismic surveyingN/Aacrobat_reader_50x50
Method of estimating positions of seismic elements in a marine seismic arrayN/Aacrobat_reader_50x50
Monitoring the quality of seismic data processingN/Aacrobat_reader_50x50
Ramping in multimode transmitters using primed filtersEspacenetacrobat_reader_50x50
Method of control slope regulation and control slope regulation apparatusEpolineacrobat_reader_50x50
Analogue-to-digital converter apparatus and method of reusing an analogue-to-digital converter circuitEpolineacrobat_reader_50x50
Access network, communications apparatus and method thereforIpsumacrobat_reader_50x50
Channel estimator for a pipelined interference cancellation apparatusIpsumacrobat_reader_50x50